Everyone needs a muse

It’s a bit nutty to realize that I started this blog years ago and haven’t added any new posts. I’ve decided to get on with it, mainly because I’m inspired by life and the people surrounding me…. especially a wonderful, magical¬†man (you’ll surely hear more about him later!).

I recently was laid off from what I thought was my “dream job.” I’d been doing it for about 11 months and thought all was going well when I got called into the office one Monday morning. I was told that the non-profit organization was “restructuring” and eliminating my position.

Of course I experienced many emotions, one of them being shock, but I also realized it was probably a blessing because now I have time to reassess what my “dream job” truly looks like. I told my employers I was grateful for the learning experience.

For now, I’m enjoying my newfound “unemployed” status for the first time in 12 years. I’m spending most of my time gardening, writing, and enjoying making memories¬†with my family (including the special fellow).

I’m here to inspire YOU, so check out these peas that I’m growing in a recycling bin. They are a great idea for people who have limited gardening space. I planted the peas in late April and am excited to give you an update in June to show you how they are doing. My son once took hoop dancing and as we were cleaning out the basement (I have time for such activities now), we came across his old hoops. He encouraged me to use them to help me build a pea-climbing structure. I’m pretty happy with the results! What do you think?IMG_3952IMG_3954