Birthday lunch

This week I celebrated a birthday. It was pretty low key. Before the actual big day, I enjoyed hosting (along with my hunny’s help) a small dinner party where a group of friends came over and played Cards Against Humanity.

On my actual birthday, my son and I went for lunch to Mongo’s Grill. We don’t usually go there but I’d like to say that I very much enjoyed my free stir-fry lunch. My son was on a lunch break from school so it was nice that we were able to get in and out of the restaurant within one hour.

I love having special little dates with my son. I know he’ll be all grown up soon and will probably leave the nest to pursue his football dreams. For now I just give him all the love I can so that he remembers it when he’s older–I will always be his number one fan! In exchange, my son blessed me by making me a homemade birthday card. “I hope it makes you cry,” he said as he handed it to me with a twinkle in his eye. My son is a real charmer.


Our bill came to $7 including tax; the server charged us for one children’s lunch. That was one sweet deal. Thank you Mongo’s!