Birthday lunch

This week I celebrated a birthday. It was pretty low key. Before the actual big day, I enjoyed hosting (along with my hunny’s help) a small dinner party where a group of friends came over and played Cards Against Humanity.

On my actual birthday, my son and I went for lunch to Mongo’s Grill. We don’t usually go there but I’d like to say that I very much enjoyed my free stir-fry lunch. My son was on a lunch break from school so it was nice that we were able to get in and out of the restaurant within one hour.

I love having special little dates with my son. I know he’ll be all grown up soon and will probably leave the nest to pursue his football dreams. For now I just give him all the love I can so that he remembers it when he’s older–I will always be his number one fan! In exchange, my son blessed me by making me a homemade birthday card. “I hope it makes you cry,” he said as he handed it to me with a twinkle in his eye. My son is a real charmer.


Our bill came to $7 including tax; the server charged us for one children’s lunch. That was one sweet deal. Thank you Mongo’s!


All I Want

“All I really really want is our love to do
Is to bring out the best in me and in you too.”

~Joni Mitchell, All I Want

Today I’m in love. I woke up feeling very relaxed next to my favourite guy, who was sleeping late and clearly enjoying it. I’m always torn when he sleeps late on a weekday, because I know he should get to the office but I also feel selfish; I want to keep him beside me all day. He’s hot and I’m cold; we’re the perfect match.

Next year our family will have two weddings. My partner’s baby sister and one of his closest cousins are BOTH planning weddings.IMG_4383 We were discussing our travel plans last night. It looks like we’ll have a trip to China in March 2018 and then another trip to Edmonton in June 2018. None of us have ever been to China so the idea of going there is certainly exciting. I found return tickets that are just over $900 Canadian, so it looks like the flights could be feasible for us.

There has been a lot of talk about marriage, because in my partner’s culture, it seems to be what is expected at a certain age and stage. I actually kind of like it when people ask us when we are getting married because I already treat my man as my King, my everything. He makes me into a better person and encourages me with everything I do. At this time of year, I’m particularly thankful for his support of my gardening pursuits, even though I know he’s really not all that interested in flowers or growing things.

That’s what good partners do for each other–support one another in their hobbies and dreams. I’m so glad I found my match.

“He’s my sunshine in the morning
He’s my fireworks at the end of the day
He’s the warmest chord I ever heard
Play that warm chord, play and stay baby
We don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall
Keeping us tied and true, my old man
Keeping away my blues.”

~Joni Mitchell, My Old Man